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Romantic Comedy | Spring 2023

Two strangers. One couple's photoshoot.

What could possibly go wrong?

I’m Elsie Faren and I hate love.

Err, not hate, exactly. More like I no longer believe in it after watching my parents divorce, then dumping my deadbeat boyfriend who had decided his phone was more worthy of his attention than I was.


For four years I’ve been perfectly content to remain single and alone (well, maybe not perfectly content, but definitely trying to convince myself of it) but now my best friend has tricked me into doing a couple’s photoshoot with a stranger.


Unfortunately, that stranger, Jameson Beck, with his sunshine demeanor and kind soul, has wormed his way into my life, convincing me to go on not one but three dates with him.


I was so certain that my hardened heart would be immune to his charms. Little did I know that between all my fears, our flirting, and some flying donuts, there would be a sizzling spark between us…one that would have my heart begging to be let out of its cage.


But I’ve seen the effects of broken love—and I can’t risk it—not even for Jameson.



The Heart Shot is a sweet, closed-door romantic comedy, full of laugh-out-loud moments, sizzling chemistry, and swoony kisses.



Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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