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Young Adult Fantasy

She lived her whole life enslaved to the dragons. 

But now she’s one of them.  

Seventeen-year-old Kaida, a human, has spent her entire life enslaved to the dragons who slaughtered half the human population a thousand years ago. She is forced to serve her ruthless Master, Eklos, until one deadly summer day when the Prince of Elysia saves her life.

Prince Tarrin steals her away to the Royal Palace, shocking Kaida when he reveals that she is mutator formarum.

He promises her safety, but when they uncover a dangerous conspiracy to rid Elysia of the Royal Family, she begins to question how safe she truly is.  

And when desire blooms between Kaida and Tarrin, in the midst of fighting for their lives, she must choose whether to save the very creature she swore to hate, or allow him to perish… 

And destroy her own heart. 

"...a masterful work of YA fantasy fiction which contains all the must-have ingredients for a thrilling read, from a compelling central pair of characters to a lavish and atmospheric setting filled with danger and intrigue."

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"I seriously hope this book blows up on tiktok and bookstagram because it was so good…I read so much fantasy romance and this book managed to make that unique!"

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